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Earthmoving Equipment

Excavators & Diggers

  • Komatsu PC130 Excavator: A 13-ton digger with latest technology for high productivity.

  • Komatsu PC78: An 8-ton digger, perfect balance between power and maneuverability.

  • Komatsu PC20 MR Excavator: A 2-ton unit, ideal for domestic landscaping, trenching, and foundation work.

Excavator Accessories & Other Equipment

  • Various Sizes and Types of Buckets

  • Auger Attachments for Hole Drilling

  • Bobcats, Compactors and Tractors

Cartage and Haulage Transport

Truck & Trailer

  • Kenworth K104 Aerodyne Bulk Tipper: For carting sand, metal, stock food, lime, fertilizer, etc.

  • Kenworth T450b 6W Tipper: For carting sand, metal, spoil, clay, topsoil, etc.

  • Isuzu 530 Truck & Trailer with Alloy Bins

  • Short 2 Axle Transport Trailer: For moving diggers, rollers, bobcats, etc.

  • DAF Semi Transporter: Towing a 3 axle step deck for carting a wide range of machinery.

  • Isuzu 4W Tipper: For smaller projects, carting sand, metal, spoil, topsoil, etc.

Well-Maintained Machinery for Optimal Performance

At TCL Earthworks and Haulage, we invest in state-of-the-art earthmoving and transport equipment to ensure job efficiency and client satisfaction. Our well-maintained machinery includes diggers, tip trucks, bobcats, transporters, and more. We regularly update our equipment to maintain optimal performance and safety standards.

Tools For The Job

Ensuring Job Efficiency & Client Satisfaction